Lucky Unicorn isn’t the most thrilling slot machine you’ll ever encounter. There is no funky layout, big prize incentive, or exciting story behind the game. It’s all done for free, and you can’t win any money.

But with all that, is it still worth taking this 5-reel, 3-row, 11-line video game out for a spin?

Dazed and Confused

Let’s be honest: unicorns aren’t real. Unless you find their mythical status charming, you’ll likely find much to be excited about the game. Alongside the numbers that go down from ace to nine are unicorn heads, four-leaved clovers, horseshoes, gold coins, a pot of gold, and a mysterious scramble button. If you were curious, there are a few lucky leprechauns, dragons, rabbit’s foot, or number sevens.

Now, that would be all right if the game were easy to understand. The assumption is you want to get at least three identical symbols in a row, but it needs to be made clear what the overall aim of the game is. There needs to be rules seen to explain. The question mark that presumably gives details goes to a dead link. It all needs to be clarified.

There’s no way of holding any of the five rows down that you feel confident will come up in the next spin. There’s also an auto-spin button that reminds you how little influence you have on the outcome, taking all the fun out of it.

You will be disappointed if you try to find out more from either sidebar. Opening the left directs you to different games played for real money, whereas the right one offers you the chance to register for extra bonuses. Neither is likely to appeal, even if you overlooked the garish color combinations.

Look for the Unicorns

With a bit of perseverance, you will find the rule book. The highest win is given if the win lines happen more than once in one spin. Coinciding wins are added together. The 11-line winnings can’t be changed, so it is highly rigid.

You’ll be rooting for a unicorn sighting. As you’ll have guessed by the game’s title, it is a magical symbol. It can take the place of any icon to make a match, except for the scatter button. If you get those two together, the points are doubled.

Fifteen new games can be unlocked by three, four, or five scatter symbols, with the stake as a base. During these games, winnings are worth three times more than usual. You’re unlikely to want to get to that stage. It’s like being offered more sandwiches at a cafe when you didn’t like them much in the first place.

Is This Just Fantasy?

The makers try to set the scene of a virtual fantasy land, and the game contains a lilac background and sparkling pictures. The visuals could be more charming as the colors are too bright. The picture icons have no warmth or personality.

It would be nicer to look at if Kings, Queens, and Jacks were picture icons rather than just K, Q, and J. It would also benefit the game as the non-real prizes are low, and it can be rather naff to look at and boring to play.

The tiny numbers at either side of the slot machine feature numbers from one to 11 should be revised. They can’t be clicked on, and why they’re there is unclear.

The buttons that can be pressed have a limited benefit. The paytable page is difficult to work out, only really indicating that the unicorn and scatter images are the ones that have any worth. Indeed, apart from the rule book and winnings list, the only other option allows you to mute the standard music accompanying the selected icons.

Could Do Better

If you are after the thrill of playing the latest slot machine games without the risk of playing for real money, this is the one for you. Even if you took out the disappointing visuals, uninspired prizes, and complications in finding the rules, when it comes down to it, it just isn’t fun to play. Sorry, LIONLINE, but you could have done much better.

Mega Wheels Slot

Slot games have their roots in casinos, and sometimes, it feels good to return to the basics and enjoy a classic game in familiar settings.

Mega Wheels is such a video slot game. Designed by LIONLINE, it takes the players back through time to the origins of slot games and allows them to enjoy a classic fruity theme. What is not to like there? Not to mention the big wins you can score along the way.

Take a few minutes to learn about Mega Wheels and the best ways to win big and have fun with this classic slot game.

The Reels and Nothing but the Reels

The graphic environment of Mega Wheels is as simple as it can be, with a sole emphasis on the reels and not much else.

The game’s background still shows a starry night sky with quite a clear view of the Milky Way and the curve of the Earth at the bottom. The reels appear floating into space and take the most of the game screen, framed in a metallic case.

Mega Wheels is not bothered by any backstory of complicated graphics. The result is still lovely but less impressive than many other games currently on the market. Let’s look at the gameplay to see if anything is different.

Floating into Space

Playing Mega Wheels is a relatively standard experience, with the usual command bar stocked with tiny green buttons to control and customize the game.

The small game matrix features only five spinning reels and five paylines in total. Each time you land a specific symbol combination on a payline, you win a cash reward. All cash prizes depend on the symbols themselves and the wager you select, which you can do thanks to the command bar right below the reels. You can also determine how many paylines you want to bet before launching the game.

Speed up the game a little, play with the autospin mode on, and let the reels spin loose for a moment. Also, remember that you can double or even quadruple each of your rewards in the standard game mode by playing an optional mini-game; guess the color or claim of a hidden card, and your prize will start getting even larger.

Fruits from Another World

The paytable of Mega Wheels is as simple as it gets, and even if you have yet to play the game, you are probably already familiar with it.

The seven reel symbols on the menu are absolute slot game classics, starting with cherries, oranges, lemons, and plums. These symbols are the most common on the reels, but the rewards are limited. Aim for the golden stars, bar signs, and red sevens to hit the huge wins instead.

Most winning varieties consist of 3 identical symbols lined up on a payline. But as far as the fruits are concerned, you can also load up the entire screen with them and pocket a 50% big win in the process.

A Great Game for Beginners

Mega Wheels is a simple slot game that allows players to stick to the basics and bet on the reels without any distractions. There is no need to look for special symbols such as wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, and multipliers. Mega Wheels does away with all this, allowing players to focus on the reels and nothing else. If you are looking for a gateway to the slot game world with easy rules and a quiet start, consider giving Mega Wheels a good try. The limited level of risk makes it a good entry-level game for beginners.

But it is Not Much of a Challenge.

On the other hand, Mega Wheels will not feel like a challenge for more experienced players looking for something more exciting than a fruit-themed game, even if it is set in outer space. The game might have an exciting option that allows players to fill up all the reels with the same symbol to win a bigger reward, but that is the only non-standard element of gameplay we could find in Mega Wheels. These limitations will disappoint some players, while others will welcome them. It all depends on where you stand and what you feel, so think carefully before betting too much money on Mega Wheels.